August 15, 2017

Brand Activation

Sparklight understands how to effectively activate your brand, we know how to bring crowds which is a key driving factor in brand awareness and effectiveness.


If you want to bring in a targeted audience into your store or environment, make new merchandise or tactile elements more accessible to the public via digital or a live platform, we will be sure to create an experience and help tell your brands story that’s memorable, shareable, and difficult to replicate in a competitive marketplace.

We will showcase your brand like no other, and bring your product or services into a new light like never before, we are dream makers!

What makes a great brand activation?

With our award-winning creatives, we have a very exciting development platform to assist with your brand awareness campaign, broken down into our core unique steps.

  • Exclusivity – Ensuring a limited time only bespoke event which is more attractive to influencers and media.

  • Technology Awareness – We have some very intelligent dream makers at Sparklight who are always trying new ways to capture the attention of the social media audience and embracing new technology and how to adapt quickly.

  • Space – We know how to transform your space either instore or outside in a unique environment to help customers see your brand in a new light.

  • Custom Activities – Always working with your brand to create unique and engaging activities to get people talking about your brand and help drive social currency.

  • Discovery – How to best tell the story of your brand so customers learn something new and discover information that helps drive them towards your product or service.

  • Staff – Ensuring staff are well trained and briefed on your brand.

  • The Story – We have created a business around how to best tell a story, and your brand is no different, our dream makers work with your on how to best infuse character and elements into the story to ultimately showcase your brand in a new light and keep the audience talking about it for time to come.

Talk with one of our dream makers today to discuss your brand activation needs.