With over 30 years in the industry, Sparklight Characters is the globally acknowledged number one Character Costume Manufacturer, servicing clients globally. Specialising in creating characters and mascots for television, stage, corporate promotions, sporting events and theme parks globally. We can also ‘design your art’ for you, should you need a hand.

Our Process

Reference Art

Send in any reference material you would like us to replicate in creating
the costume.

3D Model

Working directly from the reference imagery supplied our artists digitally
model a 3D CAD costume.

Performer Simulation

A submission draft will be sent to the client complete with turn-around
renders, measurements and a costume simulation to ensure desired product

Digital Patterns

The 3D CAD design of the costume is then digitally converted into
precise patterns, ready for real-world replication


The character suit is then built with lightweight foam from the generated
patterns, and subsequently covered with high quality and breathable material.

Final Product

Sparklight provides finesse in all final costumes as all the work and
materials are fully guaranteed. All you have to do is follow Sparklight’s
simple care guide, as most costumes can be washed in water and
detergent, resulting in a fraction of the cleaning costs.